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The film "Der Kinderberg", direction: Björn Reinhardt, to RO.KINO Stuttgart

Writer, director, painter B.R. surprises us with his affection towards a
country which he wants to discover better and in the same time he want
to bring it closer to us and show it's beauties at international level.

Being a fine observer of the Romanian spirit, who even in the most
tragically situations does not lose it's hope ,the director has already
a strong and awarded track record on these themes.

Kinderberg is a movie about a remote mountain village in Romania and
it's treasures: the children.

The film is in Romanian with German subtitles.

The director is delighted to have you opinions via e-mail.

Friday, 29 June 7:00 p.m.
Altes Feuerwehrhaus Heslach
Möhringer Str. 56
70199 Stuttgart

Free entry. Donations are welcome.

Date: 12.07.2016

The film "Omul" (Human), direction: Brigitte Drodtloff, to RO.KINO Stuttgart

We will watch together a short film that got many European and International prizes: OMUL (Mensch) directed by Brigitte Drodtloff brigitte-drodtloff.de, casting: Marcel Iureș, Magda Catone, Cristian Nicolaie, Silviu Biriș, Eva Biriș, Christel Ungar-Țopescu.

We will equally enjoy the presence of the director who will answer our questions. The thematic of the discussion will be "The Humankind and the Film"

The Movie will be in Romanian with German subtitles. The disscussions will be in German (Romanian).

Friday, 17 June 7:00 p.m., Altes Feuerwehrhaus Heslach, Möhringer Str. 56, 70199 Stuttgart.

Free entry. Donations are welcome.

Date: 13.06.2016


Romanian film evenings in Stuttgart, 2016

EU Reflect e.V. Association for Intercultural Dialogue, Stuttgart,
It is pleased to invite you to RO.KINO - Romanian film evenings in Stuttgart, 2016

Do you feel nostalgia for your home places? Do you like good stories and inspired dialogues? You wanted to see Romanian movies and did not have the opportunity yet?

If so, the EU Reflect team will expect you to the 6 RO.KINO nights!

We hope you will find challenging the films we have chosen for 2016!

The films will be followed by discussions. When movie directors or producers will participate in the film evening, they will be glad to answer your questions

If it's Friday, it's RO.KINO, from spring till autumn!

Save in your agendas:

13 May, 10 and 17 June, 1 and 29 July, 16 September, 19 o'clock

Altes Feuerwehrhaus Heslach
Möhringer Str. 56
70199 Stuttgart
Free entrance, donations are welcome.

An EU Reflect event in collaboration with "Zig Zag de Romania", Radio Redaction at Freies Radio fuer Stuttgart and Altes Feuerwehrhaus AWO Stuttgart.
This project is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Department for Policy and Relations with Romanians Abroad

Date: 06.05.2016

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